Fetish Event Planning Services

Are you tired of drab "adult parties" where everyone just sits around and talks about their kids, playing card games and eating pretzels, wondering how much longer it will be before it isn't considered rude for you to just go home and get into your pajamas?  Don't you want to attend the kind of party you never want to end?  Put away Pictionary, it's time to throw a real Adult Party.

Planning a great party can be a lot of pressure.  And when you want to include extracurricular activities, that pressure is tenfold.  These days, more and more people are experimenting with their close friends, opening up their relationships and trying out new, sexy party planning.  But being the one who has to organize the orgy is never easy.

Lucky for you, I have organized dozens of orgies.  A normal event planner might be able to help you with color combinations and theming, but will they help you set up a play space, give you a realistic view of what to expect, and organize condom dispension?  Probably not.  There's a lot of things to take into account when setting the right space, both physical and emotional, for a sexy event. How many event planners are going to help you set the scene that will get your guests in the mood to try something adventurous?

I have planned many sex-inclusive events, such as bdsm exhibitions, orgies, service events, high protocol feasts, play parties, swingers mixers, sexual and fetish education events, and straight up sex parties.  Whether performative or participatory (or both!) in nature, big or small, let me help make your event a night nobody will forget!

Interested in these services?

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What I can help you with

What I can't help you with

What I can't help you with

  • Choosing a great, sexy theme
  • Budgeting
  • Writing an invitation that generates excitement
  • Arranging and decorating the space
  • Setting up playspace
  • Planning a party timeline 
  • Arranging education or performance
  • Creating a sexy vibe (music, lighting, dress code, flow of events)
  • Getting your guests in the mood to be adventurous 
  • Establishing and enforcing rules so everyone can explore in a comfortable and safe environment
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Bringing the event your are envisioning to life

What I can't help you with

What I can't help you with

What I can't help you with

  • Making friends
  • Providing space

I will help you arrange a perfect fantasy environment to fill with your friends.  I cannot fill it with my own friends or assist you with soliciting participation.  I can help you secure a great party space or turn your own space into a great space, but I cannot give you my own space to host in.

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